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J. Oskar composes music for magical moments and imagination.


J. Oskar ( Juho Hannula ) is Finnish self taught Cinematic Fantasy folk -music composer. His music is epic, emotional and imaginary. It contains impacts from classical, film music, medieval folk music and rock. All his instrumentals can depict a story or meaning of the composition in the listener's head. Walking around nature has motivated J. Oskar to compose.

Cinematic folk music can inspire and relax your mind, turning normal days into fantasy scenes.


The music heard in fantasies is exceedingly dear to J. Oskar because it's like a key to all kinds of adventures and imagination. He gets highly creative when he is listening to fantasy music. He always look for ideas that will enable me to keep composing songs whose meanings can be associated with wonder worlds.


He feel connected to nature more while listening to fantasy music. Forests, mountains, and mystical landscapes come to mind when orchestral arrangements and folk tunes sweep across the music. Even when He is at him studio, it is as if I were taking a trip straight into the innermost part of the wild scene.


As for J. Oskar, He feel that fantasy music has a special kind of strength it carries with it. He think that the themes of heroism and the large musical waves full of positive energy that inspire strength and bravery are the ones that really demonstrate this.


You may find life overwhelming but sometimes fantasy music provides an escape that is important. J. Oskar know that This music helps him when he need to relax or unwind. Consequently, it serves as a way of freeing oneself from all stress since its sounds are so dreamy magical, and otherworldly.


Being a fantasy folk music composer, he use every note he produce as hints towards mysterious things that transport someone into places never seen or stories unheard of.

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